How to choose the dining room table

Each space in our new home has its neuralgic point that is takes all the attention, the one in the dining room is the table, because everything is located and arranges it around it, that is why the choice of its shape is fundamental to feeling good.

Logically we cannot leave aside the decoration of its environment and the accessories that adorn it.

Round or oval table
- They generate greater sociability and democracy among diners.
- As there are no headers, the center will be accessible to everyone equally.
- They allow a more dynamic relationship.
- They are ideal for large families with small children, as they allow closeness.
- The round table is warmer, allowing its members to speak and share easily.
- They greatly favor classic environments and more dining room designs. elegant, but keep in mind that they require more space.

Rectangular or square table
- They allow a large number of people to be received at the same time.
- They leave hierarchy positions well marked.
- Square tables can have other types of uses, such as office tables, drawing tables, etc.
- The rectangular table is more formal, but can better respond to the needs of large families.
- These types of tables are more comfortable for those who have little space, because you can place them against a wall taking advantage of other spaces.

Think about the use
- If it is only used for eating, you can opt for various materials but protecting them with glass, tablecloths and placemats.
- If the table is for a family lifestyle and you plan to use it for perform tasks, choose a resistant, flat model, without glass or carved on the lid, which withstands friction.
- Light, shiny or lacquered surfaces provide luminosity and, at the same time, they help to increase the feeling of spaciousness of the space.
- If your family is up to four people, a six-seat table It will be ideal; but if your family is larger and more sociable, you should look for a table for about eight people.
- If you have little space but want to use your dining room to share with family and friends, opt for folding or panel tables addables that are hidden.

A personality issue
- Simple: the minimalist style is your thing. A metal table with straight lines and a medium size is the best option.
- Tidy: the ideal is a glass table. This type of material provides luminosity to the dining room and a feeling of cleanliness.
- Ecological: use furniture made from wooden planks recovered. In Colombia there are stores specialized in these pieces.
- Single or newlyweds: tables as bar counters are ideal now that save space, are modern and require less time when it comes to clean.
- Sociable: look for round tables that allow you to share while you can see the faces of all your guests.

Everything for the table
According to Fernando García, Interior Designer, “the color of the floor is determining factor for the choice of dining room material. This is going to define the colors of the wood so that it stands out in an important way about space.”

For Fernando the following accessories are ideal:

- The table should be dressed with placemats or table runners in different colors. neutrals for cold climates, giving a feeling of elegance; or with a touch of color in hot climates, generating a fresh and happy atmosphere.
- To decorate, large mirrors help us project the space and make it visually larger.
- The hanging lamp is an accessory that cannot be forgotten. Are used of different types including: antique crystal chandeliers, large covered screens, steel and glass lamps.

Source: Fernando García, Interior Designer