This is how the first skyscraper in Colombia advances

The mega project that is being developed on Calle 19 and Carrera 5 in Bogotá is on the right track. This is how the foundation process was done (Video)

BD Bacatá is an architectural complex that is part of the urban renewal of the center of the city of Bogotá, where they participate Colombian and Spanish architects who will help give it a economic and social modernization of the area.

This project promises the tallest building in the country and will be the first skyscraper in Colombia, because its 67 floors will have 250 meters of height, a measurement that exceeds the Colpatria Tower by 54 meters, which 196 meters in its 50 floors.

There will be spaces for housing, offices, a hotel, a shopping center and public and private parking areas.

After building the 7 basements, the objective of civil engineer Diego Fernando
Prada, is starting to gain height.

So far the south tower has risen 6 floors, corresponding to the first floors of the shopping center and the hotel, this tower will be the highest.

The Prada engineer highlighted that so far almost twice as much concrete used in the construction of the Colpatria Tower, and in a short time the 56-story north tower will grow, so that The two towers are completed at the same time.

Currently construction is focused on melting the 12 thousand columns and 8 thousand floor plates, which are equivalent to the amount that They transport 30 thousand concrete mixers.

It should be noted that the work uses mobile forms that are supported in the previous column to serve as a mold for the floor column next, as well as self-climbing cranes that are anchored to the last floor plate, as is done in the great constructions of the world.

Additionally, the building uses an inclinometer that detects ground deformations every day, here the figures are below what was budgeted by the architects, demonstrating that the construction was not It presents no risk to neighboring buildings.

One of the great benefits of this project is that with the help of The natural light it receives will be reduced by at least 30 percent. energy consumption.

“In this type of work, giving an exact completion date is complex. We can tell you that starting in 2015 all people who live and visit the capital of the country, will begin to enjoy “some of the uses that the first skyscraper in Colombia will offer.” concluded the engineer Diego Prada.

Source: BD Bacatá / GJ Comunicaciones